Escalating tensions: Is Northeast Asia headed toward war on the high seas?
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Over the past few months, escalating tensions between China and Japan have generated predictions of military conflict in the East China Sea. While US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel recently locked horns with his Chinese counterpart over the Senkaku Islands, the commander of US Marine Corps Forces Japan claimed that if the Chinese invaded the islands, the US Navy and Marines could recapture them. Is an acute crisis likely? What further actions may China undertake to protect its interests? At what point might the US choose to intervene militarily in a dispute? Join us at AEI as a panel of experts convene to discuss the future of disputed territories in the East China Sea, if these disputes can be resolved through judicial settlement, and what increased conflict would mean for US interests in the region.

Location: Asia
Published on: June 05, 2017
Uploaded on: May 01, 2014