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Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy For Online Purchase of Journals in Electronic Downloadable Form

Orders for Online Journals/Articles in electronic downloadable form are subject to the following terms and conditions. ElectronicPublications.Org Ltd reserves the right to refuse an order made.

Refund Policy

Upon receipt of an order and processing of the payment, ElectronicPublications.Org Ltd will activate your subscription to the downloadable material ordered. An email will be sent to you to confirm your order and processing of your payment.

Once an order has been made to ElectronicPublications.Org Ltd and your subscription is activated, ElectronicPublications.Org Ltd will consider that order firm and ElectronicPublications.Org Ltd will not refund your subscription.

Once a supply of the Journal has been made with your agreement it is not possible to cancel the Agreement. Cancellation of the Agreement under Regulation 10 of the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 will not be possible once the Journal has been supplied. The Journal for this purpose is supplied when an email is sent to you with a password or other instructions for access to the material ordered in downloadable form.


Access to Journals is available through annual subscription or specific purchases. Only a single copy of the Article/Issue/Journal/Volume as the case may be, may be downloaded and viewed and/or printed solely by permitted users for non-commercial personal use only, subject to all copyright notices in the materials being retained. Subscribers/purchasers receive no other rights. Disclosing information to non-subscribers [for example by providing non-subscribers a pass word] to access is prohibited.


Material may not be reproduced without the express written permission of ElectronicPublications.Org Ltd. Reproduction in any form whatsoever for public or commercial purposes without the express permission of ElectronicPublications.Org Ltd is prohibited.

ElectronicPublications.Org Ltd values your custom and wants you to be completely satisfied by your subscription. Please email sales@ElectronicPublications.Org with your comments and complaints.