JPIL ISSN 1746-1863 Vol 2 Issue 1 2007

Journal of the Philosophy of International Law
Vol.2.Issue1 2007, ISSN 1746-1863

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Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction
Anthony Carty,                        
pp. 4-5
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Acritical analysis of orthodox approaches to customary international law and the search for transcendence
Dr Chalen Westaby, Liverpool Hope University
pp. 6-38
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Death of the layman: the legacy of deconstruction and the philosophy of international law
Dr.Veijo Heiskanen, Docent of International Law, University of Helsinki
pp. 39-91.
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Terrorism: terror and explosion "...importance of fire and the construction of bombs..." 
Petar Bojanic, Centre for Modern Thought, University of Aberdeen (UK)
pp. 92-110
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Towards a natural law theory of international law
 Paulo de Brito, Judge Coordinator of Julgado de Paz do Porto (Small Claims Court of Porto-
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