MJIEL Vol 5 Issue 1 2008 - Article 2

Manchester Journal of International Economic Law
Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 3-35, 2008


Antidumping Laws as Weapons of Protectionism: Asian Case Studies 

Robert W. McGee*


Abstract: Antidumping laws have existed in some form since the early twentieth century. Ostensibly aimed at protecting domestic producers from unfair trade practices, they have sometimes been used as weapons of protectionism even when dumping has not occurred. When this happens, some special interest group gains at the expense of the general public. This paper begins with a review of the theory and practice of antidumping laws, then proceeds to examine recent trends in antidumping cases involving four Asian countries and regions.

* Florida International University, USA. Email address: Robert.McGee@fiu.edu.

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