JPIL Vol 4 Issue 2 2013 - Editorial

From the Editorial Desk

Volume 4, Issue 2 of the Journal of the Philosophy of International Law features two Articles. The Articles revolve around sovereignty as their pivot. The aggregation and disaggregation of sovereignty as it relates to territorial and political domains remains one of constant evolution. One starts with the initial aggregation of nation-states along the Westphalian triangle of government, people and territory. In the 20th Century as globalisation matures, the disaggregation is towards creating legal and political space for regional and international regimes. The disaggregation in matters of closer economic ties is the most obvious external perspective of states yielding control, yet the same dynamic sees the displacement of ethno-centric claims in favour of a unitary sovereign as desirable for internal political consolidation.

Jackson Nyamuya Maogoto

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