MJIEL Vol 17 Iss 3 - Editorial
Communication Flows in International Economic Law
Response to WTO AB Member Zhao Hong
On Monday 30 December 2020, the last remaining WTO Appellate Body member Zhao Hong made her farewell speech.1 With her departure now the Appellate Body (AB) has no longer any members left, let alone a quorum to preside over cases. Hopefully the incoming Biden administration will take a constructive approach to rebuilding the WTO. In her farewell speech the last remaining AB member made suggestions for the reform of the AB which would seem to be music to US ears with the advocation of an Understanding that would emphasize judicial restraint, deemphasize the role of precedent; and placing a fixed term on the appointment of AB members for seven/eight years including the WTO AB Secretariate every four years --- presumably in the case of the Secretariat to weaken any institutional memory that reinforces the role of precedent. In the same vein, the departing member emphasised the need for the AB to be in tune with the will of its members and having regard to their sovereign status.
Asif H Qureshi

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