JISPIL Vol 10 Issue 1 2014 - Book Review 2

BOOK Review
Islamic Finance – Law and Practice

Edited by Craig R. Nethercott and David M. Eisenberg
Oxford/United Kingdom: Oxford University Press, 2012, xiii + 346 pp. Hardback: £ 187,50.
By Piergiuseppe Pusceddu

After the dramatic economic losses due to the financial crisis, attention has been drawn towards more ethical (if not moral) ways of financing business activities. One alternative option is represented by Islamic Finance, which is gaining significant impetus in terms of incrementing demand of Shari‘a compliant financial services due to its “interest free” approach (riba is banned), as well as its orientation towards the creation of equity partnerships (i.e. business relations based on profit and loss sharing) – which is in sharp contrast with conventional finance.

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