JISPIL Vol 4 Issue 1 2008 - A2


The challenge facing human rights advocates has always been formidable: to scale the seemingly insurmountable walls of the sovereign state, to reach into its dark and cloistered ''domestic'' domains, and to lend a helping hand to courageous but lonely women and men in the clutches of its security apparatus. When the state is fanatically guided by a sacrosanct ideology, the barriers of deception thicken and the task becomes infinitely more difficult.

Reza Afshari[1]


The perception of human rights within the context of the application of Islamic law, Sharia has often been negative. Media reports are particularly keen to show violations which occur in Muslim states

[1] Afshari, R. 'An Essay on Islamic Cultural Relativism in the Discourse of Human Rights' (1994) 16 Human Rights Quarterly 235

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