MJIEL Vol 8 Issue 2 2011 - Book Review

The European Union, the WTO and China: Global Legal Pluralism and International Trade Regulation, by Francis Snyder, [Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2010] ISBN 978-1-84113-704-9, 533 pp.


The European Union, the WTO and China, Global Legal: Pluralism and International Trade Regulation helps the reader to make sense of the complex topic of economic globalization and its governance. In particular, the book, which has taken shape over a number of years, with preliminary versions of various chapters published as articles before, presents a new theoretical framework for understanding the regulation of international trade. The main argument, which relates to the existence of various sites of governance and to their interplay through what is called global legal pluralism, is built via a number of interconnected studies of relations between EU, China and WTO (and quite often the US). Even from a first, quick look at the apparatus, one can notice that we are confronted with an extremely serious piece of work. The various tables of cases and legislation and particularly a long list of bibliography (almost 50-page) bibliography is good evidence of the research underpinning the book.

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