JILIL Vol 13 Issue 1 2017 - Article 3
Sharia: Law & Ethics Of Organ Donations In Islam
Sana Sheikh
The overarching purpose of this research article is to pinpoint and highlight arguments pro and against the donation and transplantation of organs within the context of Islamic law and its legal mandates. To start, this article explores in-depth details of donative procedures and processes, the road to commercialization of organs, current discussions revolving around the ethical dilemma of organ donations within the Islamic community, exemplary donative laws, and a synapsis of Islamic history and its evolution to date. Thereafter, pertinent sources and rulings are outlined as a backdrop for present day discourse and analysis. A holistic view is presented where opinions based in positive research are presented from both sides of the coin. To end, key observations are made, along with suggestions for improvement, of the current state of legal affairs as it relates to the medical community as well as the legislative.

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