JISPIL Vol 9 Issue 1 2013 - Practioner’s Analysis 1

America Should not Miss the Disarmament Boat
Amir Majid

The heading is utopian and the author acknowledges this criticism disarmingly.  But what is the alternative?  Sadly, no country is likely to disarm completely as long as other states do not renounce war and armaments for fear that it would be committing suicide.  Thus collective action is crucial in this field. This article focuses on the leading role of the US.  It points out that in highly significant periods, like the 1945-1949 when it had monopoly on atomic weapons, and 1 November 1952-22 November 1955 when it was the only State to have Hydrogen bomb, it did not use its position effectively.  The author concludes with the plea that the US should not squander the present circumstance when it is universally acknowledged to be unquestionably the only Superpower in the contemporary world. If disarmament, as required by Article 6 of the NPT 1968, is achieved then, with its might of conventional weapons and super economic muscle the US will prevail and the tail will not wag the dog.  Countries like Iran, Syria and North Korea will never be able to threaten the US security any longer. 

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