MJIEL Vol 12 Issue 2 2015 - Book Review
Book Review
Socio-Legal Approaches to International Economic Law – Text, Context, Subtext,
Edited by Amanda Perry-Kessaris, Abingdon, UK & New York, USA: Routledge, 2014, ISBN: 9780415510165, 308 pages.
Reviewed by Stefanos Merikas
International economic law is a field of interdisciplinary nature. That having been mentioned, it is widely accepted that we must reach beyond individual disciplines – such as law, economics, geography, political sciences, etc. – if we want to acquire a better understanding of the area and its implications for our lives. In this scientific quest, the main drawback of the traditional approaches to law is that they try to identify particular norms that would equally apply to all social phenomena. However, focus on coherent research methodologies should be the key factor which could help us obtain a better understanding of international economic law. In particular, focusing on and applying socio-legal approaches when analysing international economic law activities provides the required clarity, which is absent from the traditional approaches. Amanda Perry–Kessaris’s edited volume titled ‘Socio–Legal Approaches to International Economic Law’ highlighting the distinctive characteristics of socio-legal approaches, places the latter within the broader framework of this particular field of law and via the collection of the contributors’ chapters stresses the importance for theory and practice of adopting a socio-legal approach in international economic law.

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