MJIEL Vol 15 Issue 2 2018 - Book Review 2
Brexit and Financial Services:
Law and Policy,
by Kern Alexander, Catherine Barnard, Eilís Ferran, Andrew Lang, Niamh Moloney, Hart Publishing, 2018,
ISBN-13: 978-1509915804, pp. 240.
Reviewed by Clare Chambers-Jones
Brexit is a confusing and ambiguous time and this is especially the case for the financial services sector not only in the UK but also for Europe in general. The financial services sector in the UK employs more than 1 million people, it accounts for £27.3 billion tax receipts for the banking sector alone and more than £70 billion more broadly.1 The importance of the financial service sector cannot be overestimated for both the UK and Europe. London is the financial hub of the financial services sector with no other European hub matching its cost effectiveness and efficiency.

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