Principles of International Investment Law
Principles of International Investment Law
by Rudolf Dolzer, Ursula Kriebaum and Christoph Schreuer
(3rd ed., Oxford University Press, 2022)
ISBN: 9780192857811, 560 page
Reviewed By Romesh Weeramantry
The reviewer became familiar with the first edition of Principles of International Investment Law in 2008 when he adopted it as the prescribed text for an LLM course in international investment law. This first edition had an exceptional quality: it balanced the necessary theory and practical application of investment law and did so in a concise and comprehensive manner. The added attraction of the book was that it was written in a clear and digestible style that suited students whose first language was not English. The reviewer's conclusion then was that the first edition was an outstanding publication. Has the third edition retained these commendable qualities? That is a question to be answered in this review.

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