JISPIL Vol 3 Issue 1 2007 - Editorial

Editorial Comment

We are very pleased to write the editorial comment for the first issue of third volume of Journal of Islamic State Practices in International Law (JISPIL). It is a measure of success of this journal and growing reputation that we are able to attract three excellent articles in the present volume. The first article is written by Dr Amir A Majid, who is the Co-Editor of the Journal. His article, which is entitled the ‘British Judge Amidst the Asylum Blizzard’ deals with the highly controversial though significant area of asylum and refugee law within the United Kingdom. The second paper is written by Mr Aibek Ahmedov, who is a PhD scholar at the School of Law, Brunel University. His paper examines the historical origins of law pertaining to religious minorities within the Islamic Sharia and jurisprudence. The third and final paper is also written by a PhD scholar Ibrahim Al-Harbi currently based at Brunel University, London. Ibrahim Al-Harbi’s paper engages with the complex though highly controversial debate of democracy and rule of law within the Sharia. In the light of the successes for JISPIL, we are very confident that this Journal will continue to serve the interests of the international community – it would lead to awareness of legal issues concerning and affecting practices of Islamic States, communities and peoples. We also remain hopeful that an environment of matured reflection could be created which would be conducive to consensual, multinational and multicultural growth of international law. Professor Javaid Rehman and Dr Amir Ali Majid Editors, Journal of Islamic State Practice in International Law (JISPIL) http://www.electronicpublications.org/catalogue.php?id=46 Editorial Correspondence, including submissions to journal should be made electronically to the Editor Journal of Islamic State Practice in International Law. E-mail: JISPIL@electronicpublications.org

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