MJIEL Vol 11 Issue 3 2014 - Editorial

Communication Flows in International Economic Law

The recent Group of 20 (G20) Leaders’ Communique issued at the Brisbane Summit on November 2014, focuses inter alia on strengthening global institutions. This focus is a timely reminder of some of the key challenges that confront international economic relations of our times. As a preliminary point the G20 statement asserts the need for the G20 to be at the forefront of institutions to address global economic challenges. This claim of engagement certainly in terms of an effective leadership in addressing global economic challenges is persuasive although there may be questions about the representative nature of the G20. The challenges identified comprise the representative nature of the IMF, the strengthening of the multilateral trading system, cooperation in the energy sector, further development in terms of addressing Climate Change and finally the impact of development related crisis such as the Ebola and Middle East conflict.

Asif H Qureshi

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