MJIEL Vol 3 Issue 2 2006 - Book Review 2

Book Review

Fair Trade for All: How Trade Can Promote Development

By Joseph E. Stiglitz and Andrew Charlton

Oxford University Press,
New York, USA, 2005
Xxvii plus 315
ISBN 0-19-929090-3 (£15.99)

Review by A F M Maniruzzaman 

This book is an eye-opener for governments, trade negotiators and international trade policy makers for rethinking development by trade in developing countries. The authors state in the beginning of the book that its purpose is to ‘describe how trade policies can be designed in developed and developing countries with a view to integrating developing countries into the world trading system and to help them to benefit from their participation (p.1). There is a plethora of policy recommendations towards this goal and hints for the ways and means as to how they can be realised. The book has thirteen chapters, two appendices and an informative bibliography.

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