JISPIL Vol 1 Issue 2 2005 - A1


All students in Pakistan are required to take courses called Pakistan Studies and must pass standardized tests based on that curriculum. Pakistan Studies is a compulsory subject in all secondary schools and colleges. There are numerous textbooks published under this title for the 9th class to the BA level. In general, the curriculum is a composite of patriotic discourses, justification of the Two-Nation Theory, hagiographies of Muslim heroes, and endemic in the discourse, polemics about the superiority of Islamic principals over Hinduism. The rubric in these textbooks must be learned by rote in order for students to pass the required exam. Many students in Pakistan with whom I have spoken, not only dislike this required course but openly mock it. The article examines the significant defects and limitations within educational textbooks. The view is advanced that Pakistan Studies textbooks are riddled with inherent contradictions and inaccurate information “ such a policy has been highly damaging and has led to distorted views inter alia of South-Asian history and religious minorities.

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