Transnational Forms of Islamic Law
September 2020 brings the Volume 16, Issue 1 of the Manchester Journal of Transnational Islamic Law & Practice (MJTILP). Since its establishment in 2005 as the Journal of Islamic State Practices in International Law, this journal has evolved responding to specific needs in the Islamic law scholarship. It has also carried the title of Journal of Islamic Law and International Law for some years meeting similar scholarly objectives. Passing through another phase of evolution to the MJTILP in 2020, the journal continues with its original aims to encourage national and international Islamic law scholarship. The rebranded MJTILP combines these two forms of scholarship together as transnational Islamic law and provides a unique space for discussion and innovation in various strands of Islamic law and practice across national boundaries. Transnationalism in Islamic law is taken broadly as communications and interactions linking thoughts, ideas, people, practices and institutions across nation-States.
Ahmad Ghouri

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