MJIEL Vol 10 Issue 1 2013 - Book Review

Non-Discrimination in International Trade in Services: ‘Likeness’ in WTO/GATS, by Nicola F. Diebold, Cambridge International Trade and Economic Law Series, Cambridge University Press, 2010, ISBN 978-0-521-19186-9, 432 pages, £ 84.00.

By Nicola F. Diebold
Reviewed by Yeside Oyetayo

Nicolas Diebold is a recent scholar in international economic law and this book is the published version of his PhD thesis at the University of Berne in the World Trade Institute. Though he is an associate in a legal practice, he currently lectures competition law in Berne.
The title Non-Discrimination in International Trade in Services: ‘Likeness’ in WTO/GATS, gives the impression that the book is focussed on international trade in services. However, what is obvious from the content of Diebold’s book, is the overwhelming influence of the European Union and United States competition law on it; something the author himself admits. This represents the major shortcoming of the book from the international economic law perspective especially considering that the substance and practice of competition law varies from one jurisdiction to another.

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