MJIEL Vol 4 Issue 2 2007 - Editorial



    Communication Flows in International Economic Law


 Since the inception of this journal four years ago I have tried to focus in my editorials on what I have coined Communication Flows in International Economic Law. In each successive editorial I have tried to put meaning to this title.  

 Recently I had the occasion to read some of Pascal Lamy speeches in his capacity as Director General of the WTO. This was a very enriching exercise. Pascal Lamy speeches in his capacity as the persona of the WTO --- this member driven organization--- have a profile in international economic relations. They are set prominently at the WTO website, delivered in influential fora, engage in discourse on contemporary international economic problems, and are cited in academic deliberations. His speeches are rich in imagery and evocative viz., the pepper in the sauce--- pepper being the RTAs in the multilateral system; and his reference to the archipelagos of international economic institutions engaged in international governance. Moreover, his attempt at crafting a Geneva consensus deserves particular attention.

 In this issue the contributions straddle from an examination of the WTO dispute settlement system from a European and a Chinese perspective, along with a focus on aspects of GATS.


                                                                                                                                                 Asif H Qureshi

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