An Islamic Code of Judicial Conduct
An Islamic Code of Judicial Conduct
Shaukat Hayat
Auraq Publications, Islamabad Pakistan, 2019, 305 pp. ISBN: 978-969-7868-14-8
Muhammad Farooq
INTRODUCTION: As the title of the book suggests, the subject matter discussed is the Islamic Code of Judicial Conduct on which the writer has explored different aspects and areas of the Islamic judicial system, a judge’s role and the functions. Hayat1 is aware that the know-how of the Islamic legal system is a necessity of the modern age. He understands the significance and place of ethics of Islam required for judges and legal system to be run, and further explains the Islamic teachings as code for Muslims as the ethical quality. The work is a good source of conduct for everyone related to judiciary, especially judges. The author shows his keen interest in elaborating the vital role of judges and the importance of justice.

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