JISPIL Vol 1 Issue 1 2005 - A4




Islam is not merely a religion but a comprehensive and complete code of life. It covers, on the individualistic level, the spiritual, the moral, the intellectual, the esthetical, and the physical aspects of man's personality, and collectively, the social, the economical and political dimensions of society. Every Muslim is under an obligation to fashion his entire life in accordance with the injunctions of Shariah and to observe at every step what is permissible and prohibited. The reason is simple, man's life is a unit and any defect in any aspect affects the other aspects also, therefore, Islam regulates all the aspects of human life including food and drink. Permissible and prohibited foods and drinks have been described and made known to the believers. examines and assesses the prohibition of alcohol consumption under Islamic law.  In a detailed review, the author examines the classical Islamic law jurisprudence on intoxication and traces the path through which alcohol consumption was eventually prohibited for Muslims.  The paper also examines the issue as to whether there are exceptional circumstances, where the usage of alcohol could be permitted e.g. for medicinal purposes.

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