JISPIL Vol 4 Issue 2 2008 - Editorial

We are very pleased to write the editorial comment for the first issue of fourth volume of Journal of Islamic State Practices in International Law (JISPIL).  It is a measure of success of this journal and growing reputation that we are able to attract three excellent articles in the present volume. 

The first article of this issue is written by Dr. Rohimi B. Shapiee is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Kebangsaan, Malaysia. Dr. Shapiee argues for a pluralist approach to international law. His article provides a context for the Muslims to addressing the question of Ummah (Muslim community) struggling to find an appropriate balance between religion and secularism in an international order that is hostile to religious fervor.

The second article is written Seja Majeed, Brunel University. In three reflective essays, Ms. Majeed discusses various aspects of government politics towards Muslim radicalisation, and personal attitude towards Iraqi politics as well as her personal vision on future of Iraqi people.

The third and final paper is jointly written by M.A. Naser & W.H. Muhaisen, Ph.D candidates at the University of Leicester, UK. M.A. Naser & W.H. Muhaisen attempt to establish that criminal protection of IPRs shall not result in severe physical punishments within the frames of Shari’a, but rather, would generate adequate protection to owners of intellectual creations. Particularly they argue that intellectual theft could not be considered as a conventional theft which could result in the amputation of hand.

In the light of the successes for JISPIL, we are very confident that this Journal will continue to serve the interests of the international community–it would lead to awareness of legal issues concerning and affecting practices of Islamic States, communities and peoples. We also remain hopeful that an environment of matured reflection could be created which would be conducive to consensual, multinational and multicultural growth of international law.  Since its inception, the Journal has been very successful.  After having given considerable thought, it has been decided by the editors to produce more substantial volumes though on a bi-annual basis.  Hence as from January 2008, the Journal will be produced twice every year (one issue in June and the other one in December).



Professor Javaid Rehman and Dr Amir Ali Majid


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