MJIEL Vol 15 Issue 3 2018 - Book Review 1
Israel’s Paradox: The Modern Middle East and Leadership of Golda Meir
Review of: Lioness – Golda Meir and the Nation of Israel, by Francine Klagsbrun (New York: Shocken Books, October 2017), 824 pages.
Reviewed by Raj Bhala
Among the wisest, most cosmopolitan – and, therefore, most effective-partners at international law firms and executives at multinational corporations are those whose bookshelves overflow with biographies of prominent historical figures. Much of their day-to-day work involves advancing important, if sometimes mundane, agendas of international business clients, filled with detailed, technical matters. But, they know these focused agendas exist in a global political and economic context shaped by leaders and ideas, which if they comprehend, can help them drive through what their clients seek. The same is true for the world’s best international business law scholars. Those whose bookshelves host little else than specialized tomes in their fields condemn themselves to pharisaic narrow-mindedness, a self-banishment to the proverbial ‘trees’ and wilful blindness to the full ‘forest’.

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