MMJIEL Vol 15 Issue 2 2018 - Editorial
International Economic Organizations and Effective Dispute Resolution
As legal entities and global actors, international organizations are sustained by the rule of law, in place of the hinterland of states. Consequently, the effectiveness of international organizations is aligned with the efficient and authoritative interaction of the laws enabling them to exist and to act. The lawful and effective resolution of disputes is therefore of central concern to all international organizations. The second annual Legal Conference of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), 5-6 September 2018, consequently examined the theme of International Organizations in the Promotion of Effective Dispute Resolution. International financial institutions are notable exponents of international arbitration, and this is essential to the multi-jurisdictional, large-scale, complex infrastructure projects which are the focus of the AIIB’s mandate. And diverse international organizations further effective dispute resolution as standard-setters and centres of expertise. Eighty or so participants, representing more than twenty international organizations, including all of the leading international financial institutions, together with the key global arbitration venues, practicing international lawyers and distinguished academics, joined the event at AIIB Headquarters, Beijing, China.
Gerard Sanders* & Peter Quayle

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