MJIEL Vol 15 Issue 3 2018 - Book Review 2
Contextualising International Law in North East Asia, by Asif H Qureshi (Hart Publishing, 2018)
ISBN: HB: 978-1-50991-531-6
Reviewed by Elena Merino Blanco
While there is an expanding volume of literature on China’s legal system and, especially, on its expansionist trade and investment policies and much more modest volume of scholarly legal works on Japan and Korea (but see EEP Korean Law series); Professor Qureshi’s volume offers a new, welcome, and original insight into the international legal relationships between China, Japan and Korea (the three countries constituting North East Asia -NEA) and the framework of international law where these and external international relations take place. The book invites the reader to join Qureshi’s enquiry – from a contextualised and (emphasis added by the writer) ‘transcivilizational perspective’ on international law1 – on the regions’ recent past, regional disputes and, more important, on the role that the region and, especially China, is to play in any future world order – however this new world order is to be: hegemonic, precarious, post-nuclear or transcivilizational and poly-centric.

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