The Izalah Movement and Restructuring of Muslim Family in Gombe, Nigeria
The Izalah Movement and Restructuring of Muslim Family in Gombe, Nigeria
Aishatu Abubakar Kumo
Abstract: Jam?’atu Izalatil Bid’a wa Iq?matis Sunnah (The Society for the Removal of Innovation/ Aberration and Establishment of the Sunnah), popularly known as Izalah, is a non-governmental Islamic organization initiated to reform the application Islamic injunctions among Muslims, particularly in northern Nigeria. Family structure among Muslims in northern Nigeria was more inclined to customs than Islamic injunctions. This article assesses the role of da’wa (preaching) activities of Izalah movement in restructuring the family towards the Sunnah of the Prophet. Using qualitative data and content analysis, the result of the inductive method used in this article indicates a limited positive contribution by Izalah. Notable of such contributions are the clarification on the concepts of purdah (women seclusion), women education, and awareness of forced and charity marriage. However, despite the effort made by Izalah, the Muslims family are fully compliant neither with the Prophetic Sunnah nor with the old customary practices. Portraying most of the family customary practices by the Izalah as bid’ah (innovation or aberration) has led to the adoption of western family cultures into the Muslim traditional family life. Therefore, this article suggests a change in method of da’wa by the Izalah to put more emphasis on learning the Islamic requirements with reconsideration of how modern family is affected by many challenges some of which imposed by modern secular ways of life.

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