JISPIL Vol 1 Issue 2 2005 - A2


The phenomenon of organized crime has been assuming disturbing proportions, all over the world. Criminals have become more sophisticated, techno-buff, and have been using highly advanced communication means to disturb peace and security of every nation. As a result, Law Enforcement Agencies have been finding it very difficult to fight with mafia of organized crime syndicates. In this background, this paper provides a short definition of organized crime followed by a brief introduction about major organized crime syndicates in India. Next part of the paper presents some incidences of organized crime and statistics on different forms of organized crime in like; Drug-trafficking, Money-laundering, Bank frauds, Auto-theft, Counterfeiting of Currency Notes et. Thereafter, challenges faced by Law Enforcement Agencies due to the strong ethnic network among members of organized criminal gang, religion/caste favouritism, inefficient legislative framework, highly insulated hierarchical structure, use of advanced means of communication by them, complicated modus operandi have been discussed. Finally the paper has been concluded by prevention and control strategies against organized crime and a short conclusion.

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