JISPIL Vol 7 Issue 1 2011 - Editorial

Editorial Comments


This edition of the Journal of Islamic State Practices in International Law contains three articles addressing vastly differing issues.

            Professor Ilias Bantekas has contributed a particularly topical piece in the wake of the Arab Spring. The article ‘Failed States in the Muslim World: A Constitutional and

International Relations Perspective’, written prior to the events in Tunisia and Egypt, considers the role Islam has played in leading States to fail in the Muslim world. In particular, Bantekas argues that religion is not responsible for the failure of these States rather these States suffer from a ‘human rights and democracy deficit’, concepts which are not incompatible with Islam.

            Professor Irmgard Marboe considers how Islamic pedagogy is taught in Austrian Universities and considers whether a similar framework can be transferred to the teaching of other Islamic disciplines in the West, particularly Islamic Law. In particular, Professor Marboe how Islamic religious education is accommodated within the framework of religious education in Austria; the organisation and structure; and content and curriculum of these courses. Finally, the article concludes by drawing together key themes which are equally applicable to the establishment of an Islamic law programme.  

            Finally, Dr Paola Bernardini considers the notion of Islamic secularity and the implications of this for human rights implementation. Initially, the article considers whether Islam supports secularity drawing from a number of schools of thought, including those Bernardi refers to as ‘Islamic Traditionalists’; Orthodox liberals and the adhering to ‘enlightened’ Islam. Secondly, Bernardini addresses the implications of these three approaches for adherence to international human rights standards.      


Professor Javaid Rehman, Dr Amir Ali Majid and Professor Shaheen Sardar Ali

Editors, Journal of Islamic State Practice in International Law (JISPIL)


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