MJIEL Vol 8 Issue 3 2011 - Case Review

Review of 2011 ICSID Decisions


David Collins*



1. Introduction


The following is a brief summary of a selection of English language decisions, including final awards and interim decisions, of the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (‘ICSID’) between December 2010 and November 2011 as reported on ICSID’s website through the World Bank portal.[1] While the number of reported investor-state disputes brought before ICSID is increasing, the ICSID website remains less ‘user-friendly’ than the dominant on-line topical database, Investment Treaty Arbitration,[2] which also contains better search functions as well as decisions from UNCITRAL arbitrations. This review should therefore be seen also as a somewhat of a commentary on the manner in which ICSID is disseminating its decisions to the public on its own website, an issue of some importance given demands for greater transparency in the investor-state dispute settlement process. The decisions are categorized here according to awards and all other decisions

* Senior Lecturer, The City Law School, City University, London, david.collins@utoronto.ca.

[1] (last accessed November 2011).

[2] (last accessed November 2011).

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