Health Insurance Cover in the Light of Islamic Law
Health Insurance Cover in the Light of Islamic Law
Manswab Mahsen Abdulrahman
Ahmad Abbas
Abstract: Muslim contemporary scholars disagree on whether health insurance is acceptable under Islamic law. The disparities arose as a result of health insurance being a contemporary issue that did not exist during the legislative Islamic era, although there are many legal verses that encourage the spirit of cooperation, shared responsibility, joint indemnity, common interest, and solidarity. This article presents the historical development of Islamic insurance and its classification; and clarifies the provision and modus operandi of health insurance. Most importantly, this article finds that several perspectives exist on the provision of health insurance in Islamic law. Some argue that health insurance is haram (forbidden) because it contains riba (interest), maisir (gambling), gharar (uncertainty) and other void elements, while others argue that it is permitted in circumstances of dharurah (necessity) and if the insurance firm operates as a mutual cooperation. This article argues that the cooperative health insurance is founded on the principles of Shariah and recommends that the Muslim communities adopt this Shariah-compliant health insurance model.

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