Islamic Law and International Law: Peaceful Dispute Resolution
Islamic Law and International Law: Peaceful Dispute Resolution
Emilia Justyna Powell
Oxford University Press, New York, 2020, 314 p. ISBN-13: 9780190064631
Cecilia M. Bailliet
Emilia Justyna Powell believes that the identification of areas of conflict and convergence between Islamic Law and International Law within the context of Islamic Law States is important to promote the understanding of the plurality of international law (p. 6). She is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Law at the University of Notre Dame who proposes that increased recognition of pluralism will help bring about peace within the world. Powell explains that Islamic Law States have varying degrees of incorporation of secular law and religious law in governance; and this is under constant evolution similar to International Law which also under a parallel development in relation to the international community (pp. 8 & 24). She describes traditional Islamic Law’s use of reconciliation, apology, and constructive dialogue, in addition to a preference for amicable informal settlement, as similar to international non-binding third party mechanisms as opposed to use of formal courts (p. 11). Powell relies on largely qualitative analysis to ground her arguments, in addition to interviews and review of caselaw and literature (p. 19).

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