JISPIL Vol 8 Issue 2 2012 - A1

The Perils of Home
Personal Protection and the Representation of Personal Identity in Legal Cases in London (2006 - 2020)
C.R. Pennell

In the last decade of the twentieth century and the first ten years of the twenty-first, there have been repeated calls for a practical accommodation between aspects of Islamic law and those of western legal systems. Projects have been suggested that would allow Muslims living under western systems to choose Shariah provisions if they wished to do so. This has been more frequent in common law countries such as England, Canada and Australia: the French legal system, for instance, has been less welcoming of such ideas, going so far as to actually restrict Muslims’ choice of how they dress in public places. These projects have been confined mostly to financial and personal arrangements: systems of banking, of inheritance and of family life. Broadly speaking, there have been two intellectual and political justifications for such suggestions.

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