‘Abd Al-Ra'man b. ‘Amr Al-Awza'i
‘Abd Al-Ra'man b. ‘Amr Al-Awza'i
Steven C. Judd
Oneworld Publications, London, 2019, x + 129 pp, bibliography, index. ISBN: 9781786076854
Walid Ghali
'Abd Al-Ra'man b. ‘Amr Al-Awza'i is a new title in the Makers of the Muslim World Series. Steven Judd provides a well-designed model of the reconstruction of knowledge from the early Islamic sources. He argues that al-Awza'i (c.707-747), as many other scholars, was overlooked for various reasons, most of which are not related to them as scholars. Despite his close ties to the Umayyad, he continued to participate in legal and theological matters in the Abbasid era.


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