JISPIL Vol 11 Issue 2 2015 - Book Review 2
Book Review
Embedding Mahr in the European Legal System.
Rubya Mehdi and Jorgen S. Neilson (DJOF Publishing, 2011)
By Ayesha Shahid
This edited collection compiled by Prof Jorgen Neilson and Dr Rubya Mehdi provides a refreshing approach to analyse the Islamic concept of Mahr(Dower). Written through the lens of multiculturalism, globalisation and migration, the chapters in this edited collection discuss how the concept of Mahr(Dower)has brought multicultural life in the court rooms and administrative institutions of the host countries. The illuminating case studies reflect the lived experiences of Muslim women regarding payment or non-payment of Mahr in both Muslim and Non Muslim jurisdictions. The different chapters cover a range of European countries where Muslim immigrant population is settled and have chosen to adopt these countries as their countries of residence. Along with the case studies from Europe the first two chapters on Yemen and Palestine provide the readers with a comparative perspective of the institution of Mahr in two Muslim jurisdictions.

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