MJIEL Vol 16 Issue 2 2019 - Editorial
Communication Flows in International Economic Law and
US Extreme Vetting in Visa Processing for Visiting Professors
The author recently was invited as a Visiting Professor in a US University. The author has Muslim/Pakistani origins, has British nationality and is a Honorary Citizen of Seoul, Korea. Despite having been a Visiting Scholar at Yale many years ago, visited the US at the IMF Legal Department in Washington DC at the invitation of the General Counsel of the IMF for two months relatively recently, and attended conferences in the US variously – on this occasion post Trump administration – upon applying for US visa as a Visiting Professor, the author was placed in the ‘black hole’ of extreme vetting in the processing of his US visa, thus placing in near jeopardy his assignment in the US and precipitating a re-consideration of his involvement in his own mind to the kind and generous invitation extended to him by the US university in question.
Asif H Qureshi

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