JISPIL ISSN 1742-4941 Vol 3 Issue 2 2007

Journal of Islamic State Practices in International Law
Vol.3. Issue 2 2007, ISSN 1742-4941

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Editorial Comment                                                                                                                Professor Javaid Rehman and Dr Amir Ali Majid      

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  1. Lara Aryani, Emory University School of Law, United States

         Privacy Rights in Sharia and Sharia-based States         

         PP. 3-28 

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    2.   Dr.Nimet Özbek, Assistant Professor, Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences,



         TheTheological School of Halki (the Greek Orthodox Halki Seminary) in 

          the Context of Freedom of Education and Instruction of Minorities in Turkey

          PP 29-48
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    3.   Ayesha Shahid, Research Fellow, School of Law, University of Warwick, UK

Women and Employment in Plural Legal Settings: Some Reflections on Theory and Practice of Islamic Teachings and Legal Pluralism in Pakistan

PP 49-85
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