JPIL ISSN 1746-1863 Vol 3 Issue 1 2009

Journal of the Philosophy of International Law
Volume 3. 2009, ISSN 1746-1863

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Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction
Anthony Carty,                        
pp. 4-5
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Sovereignty vs. human rights. A case of the relation between order and justice in international society


Tomasz H. Widłak

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The possibility or not of international norm change following mass human rights violations.  


  Ilias Bantekas                                                                                 


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Territory and territorial waters in post-colonial international law

 Anthony Carty                                                                                                                                     pp.40-56
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The republic of heterology: De Indis of Hugo Grotius, deconstruction and the political ontology of the Dutch Stat

Eric Wilson

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