MJIEL ISSN 1742-3945 Vol 6 Issue 2 2009

Manchester Journal of International Economic Law
Vol 6 Issue 2 2009, ISSN 1742-3945

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Table of Contents


Communication Flows in International Economic Law
Asif H Qureshi
pp 1-1
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Does Good Governance Matter in Anti-Dumping Decision-Making? A North-South Perspective
Xuan Gao 
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Implementing the SPS Agreement: An Inversely Proportional Developing Country Obligation?
Elimma C. Ezeani   
pp 58-94
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Rising to the Challenge: Asian Survivors of the Quota Expiry in Global Textiles and Clothing Trade
Umair Hafee Ghori
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Questioning the Coke Side of Life: Groundwater Appropriation, Absolute Property Rights, the Public Trust Doctrine and Gender Inequality in India
Jessica Leigh Zaylía
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Book Review/s

Principles of International Investment Law By Rudolph Dolzer and Christoph Schreuer Reviewed by David Collins
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