MJIEL ISSN 1742-3945 Vol 8 Issue 2 2011

Manchester Journal of International Economic Law
Vol.8. Issue 2 2011, ISSN 1742-3945

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Table of Contents


Communication Flows in International Economic Law
Asif H Qureshi
pp 1-1
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Resurrecting the Dead? The Expired Non-Actionable Subsidies

and the Lingering Question of Green Space
Sadeq Z. Bigdeli
pp 2-37
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TRIPS Agreement and Agriculture:
Implications and Challenges for Bangladesh
Mohammad Towhidul Islam
pp 38-80
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The (In)applicability of Sino-foreign BITs to Hong Kong and Macao
Hailang Wang
pp 81-101
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Book Review:

The European Union, the WTO and China:

Global Legal Pluralism and International Trade Regulation

By Francis Snyder
Reviewed by Luca Rubini
pp 102-111
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