JPIL ISSN 1746-1863 Vol 4 Issue 1 2013

Journal of the Philosophy of International Law
Volume 4 Issue 1 2013, ISSN 1746-1863

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Table of Contents

Editorial Comments:

Jackson Nyamuya Maogoto
pp V

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Conventional Wisdom about Yugoslavia and Rwanda: 
Methodological Perils and Moral Implications

Aleksandar Jokic
pp 1-29

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Self-Referrals Contra Objectives of International Criminal Justice
Conrad Nyamutata
pp 30-55
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International Legal Theory for International Terrorism:
Formulation of a Universal Concept out of the Ideological Quagmires and Overlapping Approaches
Radhika Jagtap
pp 56-74

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Jus Cogens in the International Court of Justice:
Lessons from the Basic Structure Doctrine in Indian Constitutional Law

Chintan Chandrachud
pp 75-84
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Internet and the Emerging Global Community of Rights:
The Human-Rights Debate at the Internet Governance Forum

Slavka Antonova
pp 85-98
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Questioning Unstated Assumptions of International Constitutionalism
Rosanna Deplano
pp 99-103

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Book Review:

Reimagining Child Soldiers in International Law and Policy (Oxford University Press, 2012)
By Mark A Drumbl
Reviewed by Solon Solomon
pp 104-106

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