JPIL ISSN 1746-1863 Vol 5 Issue 2 2014

Journal of the Philosophy of International Law
Volume 5 Issue 2 2014, ISSN 1746-1863

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Editorial Comments:

Jackson Nyamuya Maogoto
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QUO VADIS? Concepts of moral and legal philosophy underpinning the laws of armed conflict
Ted van Baarda,
pp 1-43

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Evaluating the effectiveness of four Asia-Pacific national human rights institutions by reference to Ruggie's third pillar
Samantha Taylor
pp 44-64

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China's Boots on the ground in South Sudan, reponsible leadership or a 'darker purpose'?
Andrew Coleman
pp 65-74

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The Islamic state and international law: An ideological rollercoaster?
Andrew Coleman
pp 75-80

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