JISPIL ISSN 1742-4941 Vol 11 Issue 2 2015

Journal of Islamic State Practice in International Law
Vol 11 Issue 2 2015, ISSN 1742-3945

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Table of Contents


The Protection of Human Rights and The Arab League:
A Case Study on the Syrian Arab Republic

Rawa G. Almakky
pp 8-36

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A Re-Reading of the Fundamentals of Islamic Finance:
Principles of Contract Law, Riba and Gharrar in light of the Maqasid Al Sharia and Maslaha Principle

Sheharyar Sikander Hamid
pp 37-70
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Book Review:

'Islamic Law [Sharia], Greek religious courts and human rights’
(original title in French: Charia, Tribunaux Religieux et Droit Grec)

by Yannis Ktistakis
Reviewed by Eleni Polymenopoulou
Istos, 2013
pp 71-74

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'Embedding Mahr in the European Legal System'
by Rubya Mehdi and Jorgen S. Neilson
Reviewed by Ayesha Shahid

DJOF Publishing, 2011
pp 90-95

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