MJIEL ISSN 1742-3945 Vol 13 Issue 3 2016

Manchester Journal of International Economic Law
Volume 13 Issue 3 2016, ISSN 1742-3945

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Table of Contents


Communication Flows in International Economic Law
Asif H Qureshi
pp 286-286

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1. Special Symposium – International Organizations and the Private Sector:

Interactions of International Organizations, Private Economic Actors and Resources

Peter Quayle
pp 288-292

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The Contribution of International Organizations to Investment Arbitration:
Responding in Times of Crisis?

Jessica Gladstone & Anna Kirkpatrick
pp 293-313

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International Organizations and Strategies of Self-Legitimization:
The Example of the World Bank Anti-Corruption Sanctions Regime

Yifeng Chen
pp 314-333

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Human Rights or Global Public Goods:
Which Lens for Development Cooperation?

Samuel Cogolati
pp 334-356

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The Many Identities of the European Union:
Exploring the Rival Trade and Investment Ambitions of Organization and Members

Bernhard Maier & Anna Pitaraki
pp 357-388

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2. General Articles:

Blocking the Trade in Mode 4 Services and Its Impacts on the Ongoing Refugee Crisis and Migrant Trafficking
Khorsed Zaman
pp 389-407

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Energy Resources Financing and Sustainable Development
Priscilla Schwartz
pp 408-427

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EU Solidarity and the Russian Gas Deal with Greece:
Blocking the Pipeline?

Natasha A. Georgiou
pp 428-442

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Clayton/Bilcon, Investor-State Arbitration and International Approaches to Trade and Investment
Michael R Garcia
pp 443-455

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Case Review:

Review of 2016 ICSID Decisions
David Collins
pp 456-462

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Overview of the WTO DSM Cases in 2016
Cecilia J Flores Elizondo
pp 463-474

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Book Review:

International Law Perspective of the Belt and Road Initiative
Edited by Guiguo Wang, Alan Lee and Priscilla MF Leung
Reviewed by Yoon-Kyung Lee
pp 475-477

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Guidance for Contributors

pp 478-481