MJIEL ISSN 1742-3945 Vol 15 Issue 1 2018

Manchester Journal of International Economic Law
Volume 15 Issue 1 2018, ISSN 1742-3945

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Table of Contents


Communication Flows in International Economic Law
Asif H Qureshi
pp 1-1

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International Financial Regulatory Standards and Human Rights:
Connecting the Dots

Motoko Aizawa, Daniel Bradlow and Margaret Wachenfeld
pp 2-44

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Legitimate Expectation in Investor-State Arbitration:
Re-contextualising a Controversial Concept from a Developing Country Perspective

Yenkong Ngangjoh-Hodu and Collins C. Ajibo
pp 45-61

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Liminal Spaces:
Special and Differential Treatment as an Incompletely Theorised Agreement

Stephanie Switzer
pp 62-84

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Application of MFN to the Substantive Standards:
Why Should We Re Investigate the Uncontested?

Tanjina Sharmin
pp 85-113
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Colombia’s Land Restitution Programme and International Investment Law:
Normative Tensions and Possible Convergences Concerning Investor Diligence

Rafael Tamayo-Álvarez
pp 114-134

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Book Review:

Public Private Partnership for WTO Dispute Settlement:
Enabling Developing Countries

By Amrita Bahri
Reviewed by Mohammed El Said
pp 135-137

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Guidance for Contributors

pp 138-141