JPIL ISSN 1746-1863 Vol 1 Issue 1 2006

Journal of the Philosophy of International Law
Vol.1.Issue1 2006, ISSN 1746-1863

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Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction
Anthony Carty,
pp. 5-6
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The Black Hole of Modernity: From Sovereignty to International Legal Order and Back Again!
Anthony Carty,
pp. 7-37
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Covenants Without the Sword, Are But Words and of No Strength To Secure Man At All (Hobbes, Leviathan) From Kosovo to Iraq  A Modern Critique of Public International Law
Khalid Al Rasheed,
PP. 38-71.
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On Heterogeneity and the Naming of DE INDIS of Hugo Grotius 
Eric Wilson 
PP. 72-115
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