MJIEL ISSN 1742-3945 Vol 12 Issue 2 2015

Manchester Journal of International Economic Law
Vol 12 Issue 2 2015, ISSN 1742-3945

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Table of Contents


Communication Flows in International Economic Law
Asif H Qureshi
pp 116-116

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Governments under Cross-fire?
Renewable Energy and International Economic Tribunals

Daniel Behn & Ole Kristian Fauchald
pp 117-139

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Towards a Grand Unified Theory of International Economic Law
David Collins
pp 140-166

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Reducing Corruption in Public Administration through Evidence-Based Law:
Using Data to Design and Implement Ethics-Related Administrative Law
Bryane Michael, Indira Carr & Donald Bowser
pp 167-194

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A Political Study on Foreign Ownership of Land:
Theoretical Challenges and Justifications

Xiaojing Qin
pp 195-211

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Competition Related Provisions (CRPs) of Bilateral Trade Agreements,
Bilateral Competition Cooperation Agreements of Korea, and their Implications

Sungjin Kang
pp 212-233

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Book Review:

Socio-Legal Approaches to International Economic Law - Text, Context, Subtext
By Amanda Perry-Kessaris
Reviewed by Stefanos merikas
pp 234-236

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Guidance for Contributors

pp 237-240