MJTILP ISSN 2633-6626 Vol 16 Issue 1 2020

Manchester Journal of Transnational Islamic Law and Practice
Volume 16 Issue 1 2020, ISSN 2633-6626
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Table of Contents


Transnational Forms of Islamic Law
Ahmad Ghouri
page 1-2
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Genealogy of Velayat-e Faqih: From Short Occultation to the Modern Era
Milad Dokhanchi
page 3-34
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The Influential Role of the Practice of Ifta’ in Saudi Politico-Legal Arena
Emine Enise Yakar
page 35-61
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Islamic Banking in Ethiopia and its Legislative Challenges
Mohammed Ibrahim Ahmed
page 62-75
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Critical Analysis of the Contemporary Application of Riba in Islamic Banking
Diana Carina Azoitei
page 76-94
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Is the Right to Compounding of Ta‘zir Inheritable? Analysing the Provisions of Statutory Law, Case Law and Islamic Law in Pakistan
Muhammad Munir
page 95-111
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Admissibility of Circumstantial Evidence in Hudud: Examining Pregnancy as Proof of Zina in the Sharia Courts of Northern Nigeria
Abdulmajeed Hassan Bello
page 112-142
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An Analysis of the Islamic Law Based Developments in the South African Law of Succession
Muneer Abduroaf
page 143-161
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Khalifah, the Environment and Recycling Copies of the Holy Qur’an: A Symbiotic Sematic Consideration
Shahrul Hussain
page 162-174
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Classical Islamic Legal Account of Modern International Law
Nehaluddin Ahmad & Mohammed Hussain bin Pehin Haji Ahmad
page 175-197
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Recent Developments:

Pakistani High Court’s Ruling Against Forced Religious Conversions
Sheraz Zaka
page 198-203
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The Quest for Gender Equality: The Case of Shari’a Councils in England and Wales
Imam Salah al-Ansari & Mosa Albazi
page 204-210
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Book Reviews:

Islamic International Law: Historical Foundations and Al-Shaybani’s Siyar
By Khaled Ramadan Bashir
Reviewed by Abubakri Yekini
page 211-215
Full Article PDF (787KB)
‘Abd Al-Rahman b. ‘Amr Al-Awzai
By Steven C. Judd
Reviewd by Walid Ghali
page 216-219
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Islamic Banking and Finance: Definitive Texts and Cases
By Omar Masood
Reviewd by Ilias Bantekas
page 220-221
Full Article PDF (764KB)
An Islamic Court in Context: an ethnographic study of Judicial Reasoning
By Erin E. Stiles
Reviewed by Ann Black
page 222-226
Full Article PDF (794KB)
Human Rights and Relative Universalism
By Marie-Luisa Frick
Reviewed by Afrin Khan
page 227-229
Full Article PDF (780KB)
On Taqlid: Ibn al Qayyim's Critique of Authority in Islamic Law
By Abdul-Rahman Mustafa
Reviewed by Walid Ghali
page 230-232
Full Article PDF (787KB)
An Islamic Code of Judicial Conduct
By Shaukat Hayat
Reviewed by Muhammad Farooq
page 233-237
Full Article PDF (797KB)
Palestine and the International Criminal Court
By Seada Hussein Adem
Reviewed by Craig D Gaver
page 238-241
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