MJTILP ISSN 2633-6626 Vol 17 Issue 1 2021

Manchester Journal of Transnational Islamic Law and Practice
Volume 17 Issue 1 2021, ISSN 2633-6626
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Table of Contents


Transnational Forms of Islamic Law
Ahmad Ghouri
page 1-2
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Post-Islamism: From Making Islam Democratic to the Politics of Myth
Fatemeh Sadeghi
page 3-18
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Is Taliban Story Going to be the Iranian Story? The Islamic Emirate v. the Guardianship of the Jurist (Wilayat Faqih)
Haroun Rahimi & Ali Shirvani
page 19-28
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The Concept of Just-War in Islamic and Modern International Law
Nehaluddin Ahmad, Siti Sara binti Haji Ahmad & Norulaziemah binti Haji Zulkiffle
page 29-58
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Islamic Law of Armed Intervention for Peace and Humanitarian Purposes
Shahzeb Shahid
page 59-94
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Neo-Ijtih?d: A Hierarchical Process Adopted by Pakistani Judiciary in the Context of Muslim Family Laws
Muhammad Farooq
page 95-113
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Overturning the Reform of Polygyny: Shaykh Abu Zahra’s Renewal Thought Caught in the Tradition
Salah al-Ansari
page 114-132
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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: The Unending Twist and Turn Regarding the Law of Khul‘ and its Exposition by the Superior Courts in Pakistan
Muhammad Munir
page 133-149
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Legal Effects of Muslim States’ Reservations to the 1979 Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)
Zaheer Iqbal Cheema & Shahrul Mizan Ismail
page 150-167
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Implementation of International Human Rights in Pakistan: Finding a Balance between Western Conceptions and Islamic Law
Sana Khan
page 168-183
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Liability in Partnerships: A Comparative Analysis of American Common Law and Islamic Law
Bander Almohammadi
page 184-204
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The Law and Practice of Islamic Banking in Ethiopia: A Critical Review of Constitutional Legitimacy and Dispute Resolution
Mohammed Ibrahim Ahmed
page 205-227
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Transition of Marriage from Sacrament to Contract: Comparative and Critical Reflections on Women’s Rights in Hindu and Muslim Laws
page 228-244
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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: Post-Conflict Experiences of the Bangladesh War of Independence
Mohammad Pizuar Hossain
page 245-263
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The OIC and Women’s Rights: Exploring the Dichotomy of Representation
Richa Chaudhary
page 264-277
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Book Reviews:

Islamic Finance: Law and Practice
Edited by Craig R Nethercott & David M Eisenberg
Reviewed by Ilias Bantekas
page 278-280
Full Article PDF (663KB)
Islam and Muslim Resistance to Modernity in Turkey
By Gökhan Bac?k
Reviewed by Emine Enise Yakar
page 281-284
Full Article PDF (688KB)
The Objectives of Islamic Law: The Promises and Challenges of the Maq??id al-Shar??a
Edited by Idris Nassery, Rumee Ahmed, & Muna Tatari
Reviewed by Walid Ghali
page 285-289
Full Article PDF (785KB)
Modern Hadith Studies: Continued Debates and New Approaches
Edited by Belal Abu-Alabbas, Michael Dann & Christopher Melchert
Reviewed by Mansur Ali
page 290-293
Full Article PDF (688KB)